Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some New Pose Packs from TattooedLioness

Hope you all enjoy

Here's a Glamorous Pose Pack I created. I hope you enjoy.

Another Glamorous Pose Pack for you all, Enjoy

Attitude Pose Pack

Here's a Sexy Pose pack for you all :)

Heres my first pose pack created for Unbound, This is a Members Only download :)

A New set of a Random Mixture Of poses I created for Twists and Turns. All work and are setup for Pose Player. As are all my Pose Packs.

Heres a Summer Pose Pack I created for SimEssence Magazine.

Heres a Sailor Mini Pose Pack created for SimEssence Magazine.

Heres a beach Pose pack I created for SimEssence Magazine.

Here's a set I created for the Next release of Simultitude , I do hope you all enjoy them .

A New Model Pose Created by me. I hope you enjoy.

They all work with Pose Player and have there list in package.


Here is a random Pose Pack I threw together from some random first Poses I had created. There not great as they were some of my first That I never added to any pack.

They all work with Pose Player and Show up in List.



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